The Rappahannock County Lions Club Foundation

In 2013, the Lions Club established a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to Rappahannock County and its citizens. If you donate to the Foundation, 100% of your hard-earned dollars goes to work in the County for useful purposes; all costs in administering the Foundation are borne by the members of the Lions Club through their dues. Since 1958, the Lions have been fostering grass roots projects and programs in the County, and the Foundation extends that. Please take a minute to review the mission and policies of the Foundation below, and consider the Foundation when you are deciding the best use for your charitable giving.

Mission Statement

Helping to improve the sight and hearing of those in Rappahannock County in need,
and creating a stronger community through improvements in education, training, and business involvement.

Governing Policies

  1. All Foundation monies will be used to support charitable organizations or projects which provide services to Rappahannock County residents.
  2. The Foundation will be managed by the Rappahannock Lions Club, and all Foundation grants will be reviewed and approved by the Lions Club Board of Directors.
  3. No administrative compensation or costs will be paid by the Foundation. Fees for administering the Foundation will be paid by the Rappahannock Lions Club members from their dues.

Project Examples

Sight and hearing testing for children and adults . . . Purchase of eyeglasses and hearing aids for those in financial need . . . Early childhood reading and math education . . . Job skills training for students through apprenticeships . . . Teen and adult education in computer business applications . . . College scholarships to support students majoring in the community service sector (e.g., nursing, teaching, fire and rescue, law enforcement) . . . Business and community alliances . . . Teen involvement in community service . . . Children summer athletics . . . Construction of handicap ramps for residents in need . . . Girl Scout and Boy Scout projects that benefit the community

* * * * *

If you support our work, you can make financial contributions by check payable to the Lions Club Foundation.

Mail your contribution to
The Rappahannock County Lions Club Foundation
P.O. Box 132
Washington VA 22747.

All contributions are fully tax deductible.