Leos – The Young Lions

Leos_logoRappahannock County High School students established a Leo Club in 2004. It has been a strong representation of the Lions Club and its guiding principles since then.

The Rappahannock Leos perform a number of community services, geared primarily to support of the County school system and in pursuit of the students’ interests. Their efforts have included collecting eyeglasses, delivering them to the Lion Recycling Center in Fauquier County, and working with the Center to identify eyeglass prescriptions and sorting them appropriately. They have collected school supplies for the needy at the beginning of the school year, and canned goods during the Christmas holiday season. They have conducted after-school trash pickup on the RCHS campus, designed and implemented a plastics recycyling program for the high school, and raised $1,500 for leukemia relief. They also have sponsored and supported a team at the Relay for Life, and conducted a “Feed Bowl” program with the Art Club to raise funds for charitable food programs.

Any high school student who wishes to join the Leos should contact any of the Leo officers or the faculty sponsor, Mrs. Wolfe.